Hello there!  We are the Crook family and we are Labrador lovers with a long history of field trial champions and great hunting dogs.  Over 50 years ago, our great-grandfather, Wayne Crook, started training retrievers for many of his friends and became a professional trainer and breeder in 1965.  The most famous Labrador Retriever from our line is FC-AFC Trumarc’s Raider, the #1 sire of all time. He sired the great National Champion of 1976, San Joaquin Honcho. Honcho then sired 1992 National Champion Candlewood’s Super Tanker. Super Tanker also won the 1990 National Amateur. Super Tanker is the sire of National Champion 1990, 1991 and 1993 Candlewood’s Tank’s Alot, whose granddaughter has won the National and Amateur National in recent years.
We currently have three generations working together training these wonderful dogs.  Over the past 3 years, our dogs have been going to the military to be improvised explosive device detector dogs (IED's).  Several of our dogs were part of a university study and are now saving lives in Afghanistan.  We do initial training with our labrador's including basic obedience and force fetching, then the dogs go to the military and will learn to detect explosives and then will be paired with a young Marine handler. This team will be sent overseas and will work together to find the homemade explosives used by our enemies to maim and kill our troops. Labs in this program have saved countless lives and have actually brought good will to the civilian population through their always friendly demeanor. Check out the following article:
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